Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transaction Log Space Utilization

A client asked me to investigate log space utilization on a specific database . It was  currently allocated at 53 gig, and the question was whether that was big enough or too big. I gave a pretty generic answer, which is that it needs to be big enough to contain all active transactions between dumps & during replication, plus a fudge factor. There’s a GREAT article here:

it also shows some loosely documented /undocumented commands to take a look.

At the time, they were using .22% (Yep, less than 1%) of the 53 gig transaction log. It’s impossible for me to tell how big it needs to be (without a deep understanding of the application, but a potential guideline is 25% bigger than the biggest transaction log backup you have; so, if those are in the 1-2 gig range, they had a lot of room to spare here.

Note that with SQL 2005 (their version), you can not shrink the log file below its initial size (this is corrected in SQL 2008 & later).

Monday, October 1, 2012

SQL Saturday

My most common response to Orlando's SQL Saturday "What could the speaker do differently to improve?" was "Give him more time!"

Thank you all who attended, it was a pleasure meeting you in person. I'll be doing the SAME seminar in Nashville in 2 weeks... check out www.sqslsaturday.com and register!

Along these lines, we do webinars about monthly, send me an email if you'd like to be added to the email list. In Orlando, a gentleman came up to me & claimed my webinar changed his life... your mileage WILL vary, but there's always lots of great information.

Thank you all again for coming out to see us!