Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SQL 2008 new features for developers

I was recently asked to outline a "New Features for SQL 2008 for Developers" course... this is not strictly perormance related, and you can certainly get this list from other sources... and if you want detail, go to microsoft.com... and in fact, if you want detail, you'll have to go there... but if you're interested in a concise list, here it is:

SQL Server 2008 New features for developers
3 days

- Auditing
- Change tracking
- Resource governor
- Compressed data and indexes
- Filestream storage
- Partition switching
- Sparse columns
- Spatial data storage
- Wide tables
- New data types
- Full text search enhancements
- Compound operators
- Grouping sets
- Merge statement
- SQL Dependency reporting
- Table-values parameters
- T-SQL Row Constructors
- Filtered indexes
- Data encryption enhancements

(For more detail, check out our training web site later, www.soaringeagle.com/training)

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